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1. We have a history of more than two decades in producing axles for railway vehicles. This is a fixed production factory recognized by the Ministry of Railway. We can produce about over 70 varieties of axles for railway trucks, passenger cars, locomotives and urban rail and metro and other vehicles. At present the Company's maximum production capacity is up to 40, 000 pieces in 2008 the Company invested more than 70 million Yuan in expansion the manufacture ability of axles. It is expected that the annual output capacity will reach 80, 000 pieces at the end of the year.

The Company has passed dB Certification, the USA Technical Certification and obtained a B-level Alston Supplier Qualification. We can produce axles in line with the EN13261 Standards, AAR M101 Standards, UIC811 Standards and Indian IRS R16 Standards.

Our axle products are sold to all major domestic vehicle manufactories from whom we get good reputation for both our product quality and after service; In the meantime such as Alston, Bombardier, Siemens and so on. The axle product is directly exported to Germany, India, Chile, Myanmar and other countries. In addition, there are also some passengers and goods vehicles to which our axles are attached exported in where to Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other Middle East Countries.

2. Our company has a over 20-year history in manufacturing wheel sets of railway vehicles, and is one of the wheel set manufacturing and overhauling bases of the Ministry of railways. The company possesses over 100 sets of special manufacturing equipment and tools, as well as advanced and improved technologies and inspection methods, which make it has a capacity of manufacturing wheal sets for 900 railway vehicles and railcars each year, the technology and equipment rank in the forefront among the same industry.

3. Our company has first introducing spinning technology into the manufacturing of railway locomotive vehicle parts in accordance with practical needs, by integrating advanced home and abroad cold and Thermal spinning technologies and through a long-term R&D and independent innovation we have successfully developed technology applicable to the spinning molding of various large-diameter thin-walled sealing cylinders and can products, together with a batch of domestic equipment satisfying with the technological equipment of this technology; We have developed and produced a series products, totals over 20 varieties, such as railway locomotive vehicle spinning brake cylinder, seamless welding thermal neck-spinning reservoir, and etc.

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