Rolling Stock Distribution Valve

Rolling Stock Distribution Valve

Product Description

F8 distributing valve takes advantage of the action principle of two or three kinds of pressures mechanism. It not only has the graduated application and graduated release by three pressures distributing valve but also easy release by two pressures distributing valve. It has the function of automatic charging air. When the train is at service lap, brake cylinder may get automatic charging air once the brake cylinder leaks out, so the pressure in the brake cylinder will not decrease. It has the better local reduction function, with rapid braking propagation rate and good brake consistency. So the impulsing motion of train is lower. It improves the mobility of operation and is used widely

We partner with other companies to develop two kinds of freight wagons distribution valve, one is MUD distribution valve, in point UIC standard, it has the same pipeline interfaces and performance with Knorr distribution valves, can be an alternative. The other is the distribution valve of AAR standard, it is with the United States ABDX distribution valve of the pipe with the same interface and performance, can be an alternative. Our reliable quality and low price to provide you with quality service.
  Characteristics and parametersThe scope of pressure inside brake cylinder (KPa): 380~480 F8 distributing valve has passed the performance test at low temperature and fatigue test at the condition of -50  CELSIUS EQUALS for 48 hours. So most of rubber parts may be used over 2 depot repair time .
Detailed descriptionThe structure of rubber diaphragm and spool valve involving check with O-ring has been adopted in the F8 distributing valve, so as to prolong the overhaul cycle. It makes manufacture, usage and repair work more conveniently. It has a good graduated release capacity and may interchange from graduated release to direct release. It improves the mobility of operating trains and is used widely. It has the function of automatic charge wind. The highest pressure inside brake cylinder may be set up in scope of 380~480KPa according to the requirements. And the pressure is independent of the stroke of brake piston. It has good characteristic of emergency braking. While emergency braking, an effective function of releasing air obviously will decrease the times of impulse of motion of the train and shorten braking length.

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